Sunil Tulsiani: Ex-Cop Becomes Real Estate Mogul

SunlPolice officers have a unique sense of perception. They use this unique sense of perception to analyze information and identify threats before they become dangerous.

This unique sense of perception has helped former cop Sunil Tulsiani rule Toronto’s real estate world.

The Toronto-based real estate investor has risen to prominence over the last few years. Over the past decade, Sunil has invested in hundreds of successful projects throughout the greater Toronto area. He has also released multiple bestselling books and founded the distinguished Private Investment Club in Toronto. Today, he’s a respected advisor in the world of real estate investment.

Before investing in real estate, Sunil Tulsiani spent 15 years as a police officer with the Ontario Provincial Police. He served throughout the Greater Toronto area.

In 2005, things changed: Tulsiani realized he had a passion for real estate investment. Despite having no business background and no real estate connections, Tulsiani began to invest in discounted investment properties.

That year, Tulsiani took an unpaid leave of absence from the Ontario Provincial Police and started his journey as an investor. It didn’t take long to see results.

After just one year, the results were astonishing: Tulsiani had invested in a total of 77 properties and was the first cop in the Toronto area to become a real estate millionaire. He was generating more income and spending more time with his family than he ever had as a police officer.

Tulsiani was hooked.

Amazed by his success, a friend told him to become a teacher. Tulsiani wanted to be more than that. After 15 years spent working as a police officer and a distinguished career as a detective and platoon sergeant, Tulsiani began to work full-time as a real estate investor.

Today, Sunil Tulsiani enjoys his newfound freedom. He spends equal amounts of time managing his investments as he does writing books, consulting other investors, and being a family man.

The Toronto Private Investment Club

One of Tulsiani’s proudest achievements is founding Toronto’s Private Investment Club (PIC). Founded in 2008, the PIC meets quarterly in the Toronto area and has hundreds of paid members.

The main goal of the PIC is to learn and connect with other local investors. Pooling knowledge and research together encourages – in theory – a more intelligent investing strategy.

Those who wish to join the PIC can attend a single meeting for free. After that, attendees pay to attend each successive meeting.

Bestselling author of multiple award-winning books

Sunil Tulsiani’s speeches were widely praised at Private Investment Club meetings. Encouraged by this support, Tulsiani decided to funnel his knowledge, creativity, and passion for investment into writing.

Tulsiani has published a number of books since 2005, including Cash Cow Properties, Make Big Bucks with Discounted Properties and The Secret to Winning Big. All of Sunil Tulsiani’sbooks explain how to analyze real estate investments to minimize risk and maximize return.

In 2012, Tulsiani reached new highs as an author. Tulsiani co-authored The Success Secret with other industry leaders from across Canada and the United States. The book was published by leading business book publisher CelebrityPress and quickly catapulted to the top of the bestseller list. On, The Success Secret achieved bestseller status in seven different categories, including Business Skills, Communication Skills, Direct Marketing, Marketing and Sales, Best Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Small Business & Entrepreneurship.

After spending 15 years as a distinguished police officer and nearly a decade as a successful real estate investor, Sunil Tulsiani is proud of his achievements. Today, Tulsiani enjoys spending time with his wife and two children while continuing to experience investment success throughout the Toronto area.

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