Ways In Which Accountants Now Find New Clients

Accountants can do it all from being great members of the community to networking with the best professionals and still end up without a good client base. There is no shortage of accountants on the market these days so finding new clients is quite complicated. The good news is that the best professionals will always do well. However, knowing where to start is still necessary. With this in mind, here are some great ways in which new clients can be found, based on the personal experience of Schell And Associates.

Getting Referrals From Others

Although being satisfied with the relationship with the current accountant, it is always possible to know some people that are not. As an example, someone may know a neighbor that recently relocated to the area or there is a friend that just went through a divorce and needs a new accountant. In many cases accountants get most of their client base through referrals so this is something you should never neglect.

Being A Member Of An Organization

There are many accountants that now offer accounting services to some nonprofit organizations they appreciate. The organization can change accountants because of various reasons. It is normally believe that when this happens there is a job board post that appears. This is normally incorrect. Most of the nonprofits will not do business with the firms that are directly connected to board members. Simply being a member of the nonprofits can actually be a reason to get hired.

Online Blogging

When people hire an accountant they want to be sure that he/she is knowledgeable. Because of this, it makes sense to showcase your authority and knowledge. That is so easy to do with a blog. It is not at all difficult to learn everything about how to create a blog even if you do not have much technical knowledge. WordPress is normally the option considered because of the simplicity offered. The idea with running an online blog is that you can showcase yourself as an accountant that is really good at his job and that genuinely wants to help others. All that you have to do is offer free advice online and talk about your professional life.

Getting Speaking Engagements

This is an opportunity that is not appreciated or considered by most accountants. That is why it is such a great option to consider. People tend to attach a celebrity status to those professionals that would speak at conferences and industry events. Since they think the speaker is an expert, there is a high possibility that some job offers may appear.

A great thing about speaking engagement is the visibility that is gained in the industry. People get to know you and as visibility increases, credentials can be showcased.


On the whole, it is really important to think out-of-the box when looking for new clients. If you keep doing what others do the competition is very high. If you showcase your accounting services in a different way, there is a pretty good possibility you are going to increase your customer base.

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