Ottawa’s Best Sweet and Sour Chicken Not Where You Might Expect

Hello again fellow great food lovers in Ottawa!

Here’s my latest review regarding best food in Ottawa.

Normally I avoid “mall food” which tends to be, in my view, just atrocious.

It’s either in general way too over-processed, salty and just bad.

However, I’m pleased to report one great find for sweet and sour chicken lovers.

That’s the sweet and sour chicken at Shanghai 360 at the Rideau Centre in downtown Ottawa.

It’s so good that when you put it in the regfrigerator it still tastes good.

The sauce on it isjust right.  Not the usual bland sweet artificial food colourng “stuff” normally found in sweet and sour chicken at malls and even at very good Chinese restaurants that I have tried that have all been rather medicocre.

Shanghai 360’s servings are also quite generous.

The chicken part of the dish is also tasty with the right anound of crunch – it’s not those yucky soft Chicken Balls with a speck of chicken that Manchu Wok used to have back om the day – Remember those?

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