Dining Out: Persis Grill serves tasty and abundant Iranian dishes in Orléans

Persis Grill
2288 Tenth Line Rd., Orléans, 613-824-9978,
Open: Monday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Sunday noon to 9 p.m.
Prices: kebab-based plates $12.49 to $22.99
Access: No steps to front door or washrooms

Unless you live in the new, expanding communities off of Tenth Line Road in Orléans, you will likely think that the trip to Persis Grill involves a bit of a trek.

Even my relatives who live 10 minutes away in Chapel Hill don’t think the Iranian eatery, which opened in January in a Tenth Line Road mall-in-progress, is all that close. Me, I’ve twice made the half-hour drive to Persis Grill, and each time I’ve felt well-rewarded by tasty, interesting, affordable and generously portioned food.

That’s not to call the food here haute cuisine, or to ignore a few quibbles. But on balance, I do wish I lived closer to Persis Grill, or that it sold food closer to my house.

Dinners here have begun by stressing the eatery’s hospitality, with not only on-the-house platters of sliced, crisp nan bread, but also complimentary bowls of soup that were nothing fancy or exotic but still much appreciated. We’ve had a fine broccoli soup and a gingery carrot soup that was perhaps a little over-thickened.

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