Postal Workers Warns That Delivery Trucks Are Poisoning Them

According to several Canada Post worker who have routes in rural area near Ottawa, their delivery trucks are so old that they are spewing exhaust into the cabs, forcing them to start carrying carbon Monoxide detectors.

Although Canada Post claims that the vehicles are well maintained and deny there is a widespread problem, Julie Stewart feels differently.

The 48-year-old Canada Post delivery driver from Kemptville, Ont., claims she began having problems back in April. It got so bad that she went to the hospital thinking she was having a heart attack.

Stewart’s doctor said her heart was fine but asked if she had been exposed to carbon monoxide. Over the next couple months, she continued to experience a strong exhaust smell in her truck. On June 23, she was hospitalized again and given oxygen.

“I just don’t want to drive these trucks that could possibly kill me or kill somebody else,” she said.

She is not the only person to complain about the trucks.

“We’ve gone to our supervisors, but they say they can’t do anything, and it’s not going anywhere,” said Diana Bayer, a 20-year employee of Canada Post.

Unfortunately, the Canada Post continues to deny that there is a problem and replacing the aging trucks have been a slow process.

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