Ottawa Book Self-Publishing Service Gives Authors New Local Alternative

Recognized as Canada’s most educated city, it’s no surprise that Ottawa has a vast array of libraries, research centres, independent bookstores and local authors. With more writers springing up regularly, the need for quality publishing services that ensures reader’s hunger for quality reads are met, becomes a lot more difficult.

However, in today’s modern world, traditional publishing is being slowly out run with self-publishing becoming the rave of the future. Self-publishing makes it incredibly easy to birth a book unlike it used to be some few years back.

However, being a writer and a publisher in Canada can seem quite tricky. But for Ottawa writer, Rob McLennan, being a self-publisher has been quite advantageous. An author of over 30 books of poetry and fiction, he runs a micro press that specialises in chapbooks, broadsheets, quarterlies and zines. Recently, celebrating it’s 25th anniversary, self-publishing has enabled his company edge closer to its 900th publication.

“I grew up on a farm, so I was raised with the idea that one exists in a community in which we all have different things we can do for the group. This is what I can do, so I try to do it for as many writers that appeal to me as possible,” said McLennan.

McLennan also acknowledges the "anxieties" of publishing while writing.

“I’ve realized that those who are seriously interested in being ‘career’ poets might initially be interested in what I’m doing, but very quickly move on,” he said.

“I’ve had multiple young poets over the years realize that there isn’t really anything I can do for their career, so I tend to get ignored, which I’m quite okay with.”

“Those that do love the [micro press chapbook] format, and see the format as simply a means to an end (i.e. getting the work distributed) are the ones that tend to stick around. They’re my people.”

Currently, there are a large number of book self-publishing agencies just like that of McLennan—with each one offering various services in a bid to attract visitors. However, Ottawa writers can now enjoy a better and more suitable local alternative, as Agora Publishing is one of the few agencies that provides incredible and localized services for both aspiring and established authors.

Being a Canadian not-for-profit publishing company based in Ottawa, with over 20 years of experience, writers are guaranteed of getting personalized services to match the reading culture of the city. This local alternative out scores every other with an in-house team consisting of professional editors, marketers and renowned authors.

Finding a legitimate, pocket friendly and localized self-publishing service has now been made very easy. Agora Publishing in Ottawa utilizes the most sophisticated techniques and applications to ensure that a particular book is presented void of errors and is of top quality. Lots of tasks are carried out on behalf of the author such as ensuring the proper size and style of fonts is used, styling and paragraphing are done in a way that tweaking them would be hassle-free, and making effective and efficient use of appropriate colors.

So, writers in Ottawa can begin getting value out of their craft, as one advantage of self-publishing is the relatively quick exposure. With a professional team behind your work, and a properly edited and formatted book, you’re bound to start getting the desired exposure—which translates into increase in sales revenue to your book.

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