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Natural and Effective Anti-Wrinkle Solutions

Aging is unavoidable, but it doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t look beautiful and attractive. As we get older, our skins become thinner and less elastic. Because of this, the ability of the skin to protect itself from damage reduces. As a result, our skins form creases and lines that
we refer to as wrinkles.

Some people’s wrinkles start to show early in life while other late. This is influenced by the genetic makeup of different people. So, when you begin to see wrinkles forming on your face at an age you didn’t expect, you definitely have no reason to be worried, it’s probably because of your genetic makeup.

Here, I am going to talk about some of the natural ways which can be helpful in reducing wrinkles. Some of these effective anti-wrinkle practices include the following.

Get enough sleep

One way to reduce formation of wrinkles is by sleeping well. This is because sleep is very essential for our body processes to work well. Enough sleep keeps our skins healthy, clear and wrinkle free. Study shows that lack of enough sleep prompts the body to produce a stress hormone known as Cortisol.

This hormone damages skin cells, causing wrinkles to occur. So, if you sleep well, the amount of this hormone is reduced and instead HGH (human growth hormone) is produced. The HGH assists in ensuring that skin remains elastic.

The position unto which one sleeps is another factor. Sleeping on your back is a natural and an effective anti-wrinkle practice. When you sleep on your stomach or side, your face presses on the pillow, and this may lead to wrinkles on your cheeks and chin.

Stop smoking
This is more of a precaution than a practice, but I am going to mention it anyway. Cigarettes contain carcinogens that affect collagen in the skin resulting to a weaker skin. Moreover, many smokers develop fine lines around their mouth. This is due to repeated movement of sucking the butt of the cigarette.

Take more chocolate

This is a tricky anti wrinkle practice given that consumption of excessive sugar has negative effects on the skin, and is generally bad for health. However, chocolate has amounts of antioxidants. It also contains flavanol, which protects the skin from photo-aging. Always opt
for dark chocolate as opposed to milk and white ones. This is because dark chocolates contain less sugar with more antioxidants that improve circulation.

Regularly wash skin

Another natural and effective anti-wrinkle practice is to constantly wash and moisturize your skin. You can use natural products like linseed oil, copra oil from a copra fruit tree, and juice extracted from lemon. These make the skin tender and soft, and brighten it too.

Eat a balance diet

The skin’s tone and elasticity is greatly maintained when you improve on your diet. This is because the body uses nutrients got from the kind of foods that you eat. Just maintain a balanced diet and you will be fine.

Avoid sunlight, when you can!

Apart from damaging the skin tone, sunlight is arguably among the top causes of skin cancer. By staying out of the sun rays, you don’t just safeguard your beauty, but you save your health as well. If you are to go out, make sure that you put on sunscreens, a huts or have an umbrella
with you.

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