Really Common Myths You Should Not Believe About Spider Veins

So many misconceptions and myths appeared in the past few years about spider veins. You need to dispel those that are the most common since this is a condition that is usually treatable without much difficulty. All that people really have to do is visit some clinic that is specialized in vein treatments like DermMedica Vein Clinic and work together on getting treatment done. Get started through dismissing the following really common myths about spider veins.

Spider Veins Are Solely Cosmetic

There are so many individuals that think the spider vein is just a cosmetic problem and that treatment is not actually necessary. Unfortunately, in many cases there are some underlying venous diseases that are causing the problems. This cannot simply be left untreated.

Spider Veins Just Show You Are Now Older

Age is definitely an important risk factor that is linked with spider veins and varicose veins but it is definitely not the single one that is of high importance. It is also not the one that is the most common. One thing many do not know is that this is a hereditary condition. When you have spider veins running in the family, there is a pretty good possibility you will have to deal with them too. These veins can appear as soon as early twenties and when you do not treat them, they will be a really natural consequence. The other common risk factors you should know include pregnancy, being a woman, being overweight, a sedentary lifestyle and prior leg trauma history.

Spider Veins Just Afect Women

Spider veins do not care what sex you are. Around 45% of all the men are going to develop a venous disease until they turn sixty years old. The main cause is family history but there are also some lifestyle factors that are going to affect the body. For instance, in the event your job forces you to stand for really long periods of time, varicose veins are bound to appear. When you spend a lot of time driving or flying, high risk is also a reality.

Standing Or Running Will Cause Spider Veins

When you exercise, walk or run you are actually getting benefits. That is mainly because circulation will be improved. Prolonged periods of sitting or standing will aggravate the venous diseases. Exercising makes your body better equipped to deal with them.

Just Overweight People Will Get Spider Veins

The truth is that weight is definitely an important risk factor. It was proven that being obese can increase the risk of getting a vein disease. However, this does not really mean that just people that are overweight will need to deal with the condition. What is important is to be sure that your lifestyle is as healthy as possible and that your weight is normal. That will ease symptoms and can help you to have a better overall life.

Be sure that you do all that you can in order to learn everything about spider veins and just talk with doctors to get your information. Trusting everyone normally leads to misconceptions.

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