How to Renovate Your Bathroom the Right Way

To some home owners, a bathroom is just that, a bathroom. To others it’s a small extension of their home that they would like to look as nice as the rest of the house. If you feel the same way and currently find yourself settling with an old and outdated bathroom with a spread that really doesn’t make much sense, it may be time for a bathroom renovation. Because bathrooms are generally small in size, or at least smaller than the other rooms within your home, renovations tend to go rather quickly, as long as plumbing issues aren’t discovered. But how exactly should you go about renovating the throne room?

Hire a contractor

For small jobs, it may make more sense to just do it yourself but for bigger renovations, you’ll want the skills of Ottawa Renovation Pros in your corner. This is because of a number of reasons, with the main one surrounding your bathroom’s plumbing. The last thing you’ll want to happen during a renovation is for a plumbing issue to arise and you not know how to quickly solve it before continuing with your project. With a contractor on your team, they’ll be able to problem solve ahead of time, which in turn allows for a much smoother project, and many less headaches.

Choose a vanity that makes sense

If you have a smaller sized bathroom with little wall space to work with, it’s not a good idea to squeeze in a two person his and her vanity set, no matter how much you’ve fallen in love with it at the store. That’s because in the end once everything is said and done, you’ll find that you rather have the walking space than another sink. You may also find that it looks funny having such a large set in a small bathroom. You’ll also want to make sure that your lighting above your vanity makes sense as well. If you have space for a two person vanity and decide to go that route, you’ll want to make sure that you have enough lighting set into place to light up the entire vanity, not just one side or the other or even just the middle.

A bathtub or a shower?

This can end up being a big decision, especially if there are multiple opinions within your household. Some people prefer to be able to dip into the bathtub as they wash their hair while others rather just get into the shower and then back out as soon as possible. So this begs the question- which one should you go with? If you’ve got enough space and a good sized budget, it may make sense to have one of each, or at least a large shower/tub combination. If your budget is small, then it makes more sense to go with just a shower and maybe add in a nice rain shower component to make it a bit more enjoyable.

Bathroom renovation projects can be a lot of fun if you know what you want from the start. Also, the help of a certified contractor is always a great idea and one that will help the project run even smoother.

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