Cheap Ways To Increase Air Conditioning Efficiency

The more you know about the AC unit you have in your home, the higher the possibility you are going to make it work in a more efficient way! This is something every single homeowner needs to understand. If you do not increase the efficiency of the AC unit you have in your home you are going to pay much more than it would be needed for electricity. The good news, according to AccuServ Heating And Air, is that there are many cheap and no-cost options available for you right now, with the following being those that are particularly effective.

Clean The Area Around Your Outdoor Condenser Unit

The efficiency of the AC unit can only be high in the event it will be clear of debris. Cleaning the condenser and the area around it will help out a lot. From time to time you need to go through in-depth cleaning though so talk to a professional and see exactly how often that is necessary.

Vacuum Clean The Indoor Vents

The debris and dust present inside the indoor supply vents can be vacuumed. You do this in order to maintain steady, constant system airflow. At the same time, it is really important that various items like toys or furniture are kept away from the vents so they are not blocked. In many cases we see furniture put in front of these vents. This practically guarantees that efficiency will be low.

Gradually Increase Thermostat Temperature

Do so by just some degrees, around 5 to 8. If you do this you save a lot of energy and money. Programmable thermostats are highly useful since it is really easy to adjust temperature for different day times or for when you are going to leave home for a number of hours.

Keep Heat Producing Appliances At A Distance

In a home you often have heat producing appliances and lamps. These need to be kept away from the thermostat since the appliances are going to give the impression that the air inside the home has to be cooled much more than reality. Systems end up running for a longer period and will work a lot harder than they have to. Obviously, this will consume more electricity.

Keep Blinds And Curtains Closed

This is important during the day as direct sun hitting windows will make the temperature higher. When you keep blinds and curtains closed most of the heat is not going to warm the home’s inside.

Clean The Drain Line

Close to the indoor cooling coil there will be a drain, usually mounted above basement furnace. Chlorine bleach being poured down the AC drain and then rinsing it with water normally does the trick. During summers you can keep drain clear and save much money in the process.

Insulate Exposed Ducts

The ductwork that is running through the space that is unconditioned needs to be properly sealed. Fix any visual leaks with the use of specialized sealing tape. At the same time, do contact a professional to check the other ducts.

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