Braving the Canadian Winter During an RV Trip? 6 Tips to Stay Warmer

To say that Canada brings the cold would be quite the understatement. After all, snow, ice and taking  measures to keep warm are staples of living within the country’s chillier spots.

But beyond being home to some of the coldest places in the world, Canada is likewise home to some of the best camping and RV spots in the world. From winter sports and hiking to incredible sightseeing and beyond, the great white north has so much to over those who want to set up camp or travel the country via RV.

Here’s the question, though: how can you possibly a trip to the great outdoors when you’re dealing with freezing temperatures?

Despite popular belief, the cold doesn’t have to put a total damper on your RV trip. Just keep the following six tips handy next time you embark on a cold-weather adventure.

Heat Up Your Home Away from Home

Being able to bring the comforts of home such as a space heater is a big-time benefit of RV travel. Obviously you’re going to want to use these sorts of electronic devices sparingly and ideally not while you’re sleeping. Only use a space heater to warm yourself from unbearable cold and then proceed to bundle up to stay warm.

Additionally, you should strive to pick out an RV that has some sort of built-in heating system or is already equipped for the winter. Sites like Outdoorsy can help travelers sort of their wants and needs in terms of their ideal RV rental for cold weather.

Layer Up

Okay, this tip might seem incredibly obvious but can be easy to overlook if you’re accustomed to a much warmer climate.

Layering up isn’t as simple as just bringing more and more clothes along for your trip, though. For example, those taking part in physically demanding activities need to consider how they layer to avoid getting overheated. If possible, strive to bring synthetic materials that breathe well versus cotton which tends to get wet in the snow.

Your head and feet are arguably the most important parts of your body to keep covered, by the way. This is due to the fact that the majority of your body heat escapes from these two regions.

Rethink How You Drink

Symptoms of dehydration can strike in the snow, despite the fact that dehydration is often associated with the heat. As a result, keep some water on you at all times and don’t solely drink warm liquids such as coffee and cocoa. While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional warm beverage to heat yourself up, don’t neglect the importance of water throughout the day.

Stay in the Sunshine

Parking your RV in the sunshine might seem like a no-brainer toward keeping warm, but many campers want to stay as secluded as possible. While where you park ultimately boils down to personal preference, exposure to direct sunlight can certainly make a difference in terms of the temperature at your campsite.

Keep Moving

The more active you during your trip, the better. Doing some light exercises before bed prior to bundling up is likewise a great way to “lock in” your body heat as you sleep. This hack ultimately keeps you warm and wears you out at the same time.

Seal Up Any Drafts

While there are many steps to winterizing an RV, sealing up your drafts should be a top priority. Whether through specific insulation material or something as simple as painter’s tape, sealing up your doors and windows during the nighttime is always a plus.

Staying safe and warm during an RV trip even in the coldest climates is possible, granted you take the following steps to prepare. By sticking to these tips, you can make your wintertime vacation much more comfortable.

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