100 million Americans travelling this holiday season – Survey

A survey conducted by the Generalli Global Assistance’s Travel Insurance division (formerly CSA Travel Protection) shows that approximately 100 million Americans intend to travel during this 2017 holiday season.

The travelers were separated into two groups: those planning to travel to visit family, and those who plan on traveling for vacation.

About 40% of Americans would travel― which equals 99.8 million people, based on the survey carried out last month. 87% of travelers would be for the Christmas season and 64% of travels for the New Year, all being dedicated to see relatives.

“For many, the holidays are an important time of the year to connect with loved ones and going to see family is far the primary reason to travel during the holiday season,” said Chris Carnicelli, CEO of Generalli Global Assistance.

The millennial generation have the highest travel statistics, with 48% admitting to having travel plans. Also, 54% of millennials that have children would travel.

85% of those travelling to see family would most likely stay within the continental United States, spending less that vacation travellers―as 73% plan on spending less than $1,000. Vacationers would spend a lot more, as more than half said they would spend more than $1,000, and 18% would spend between $2,500-$5,000.

Also, vacationers are bound to travel internationally than those visiting family, as 58% of vacationers are heading outside the continental United States. The most popular international destination amongst them was the Caribbean.

Carnicelli added that, “Whether going to see family or going on vacation, 30 percent of travelers plan to protect their investment with travel insurance.”

The survey was conducted with a total of 1,026 American adults, and the statistics included passengers traveling by air and by road.  Holiday drivers are bound to find amazing deals at Holiday Autos, as they’re offering exclusive deals and unbeatable prices. Also, there’s free cancellation on bookings, a 24/7 customer care service, and zero charges on credit card usage.

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