Accident at Work? Why Legal Help is Essential if You Want to be Compensated for Injuries

Wherever you work, having the correct personal protection equipment (PPE) is vital for your safety and well-being. Accidents do happen in the workplace, commonly, in spite of stringent health and safety legislation in the UK. Obviously, some jobs are higher risk than others, but even office work can lead to unforeseen circumstances in which an accident might occur, and injuries might be sustained.

Many unscrupulous employers offer conditions in the workplace that do not comply with minimum safety practices to ensure the safety and integrity of workers, which often results in injuries being sustained, when in fact the accident was completely avoidable.

It is very common for insurance companies and employers to try to deny coverage and / or benefits to victims of work accidents, or to minimise what they are paid or offered after this kind of incident.

If you are trying to deal with an accident at work claim in Gloucester be aware that employers frequently argue that the employee’s injuries arose outside of work hours or that injuries are not as serious as the employee claims. To ensure that you are treated fairly if this happens to you, and that you are granted the benefits and compensation you rightly deserve, it is important to have an experienced lawyer working on your case and know your rights as well.

Ask for legal help, do not become intimidated by your employer or their legal representatives. Get your own lawyer to protect your rights and state your case. If you work in a restaurant and suffered burn injuries and want to make a claim for compensation for burns, or suffered a broken limb while working on a construction site, or suffered facial or corporal injuries while undergoing a treatment in a beauty salon, or suffered an injury in any other industry, it is important to take immediate action. Speak with a lawyer immediately.

They will be happy to hear your story and potentially help you make your voice heard and gain an appropriate amount of compensation based on the injuries you have suffered as a result of the accident.

If you suffered an accident or were injured working, remember that you are not alone. Your legal representative will have extensive experience of such compensation cases, the process, and the necessary steps to follow in order to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion for you, the client. Your lawyer will help enforce your statutory rights as a worker, and ensure that you are not strong-armed into accepting any settlement which is less than appropriate based on the circumstances of the case.

If you have any legal questions, do not hesitate to contact your lawyer. They will be acting in your best interests at all times.


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