Highly Popular Wedding Destinations You May Want To Learn More About

Wedding destinations are quickly gaining popularity these days so it should come as no surprise to notice that many are now seen as wonderful options for couples that want to get married abroad. With so many available options, those that are presented below should only be seen as recommendations. Various others can be highlighted and you might love something else. However, based on the experience of Wonderstruck Events, the following are wonderful wedding destinations that you do want to take into account.


Aruba stands out as Caribbean island number 6 when referring to amount of foreign visitors and it is not that hard to understand why. It is not in the hurricane region so tropical storms cannot destroy your wedding and the destination is basically as exotic as it can be. In Aruba there is a very good selection of high rise hotels so accommodations will not be a problem and the only small problem is that the wedding ceremonies have to be done inside the City Hall. Besides that, you can have whatever location you want for the celebration.


Getting married in Florida is preferred by many Americans looking for something exotic since the wedding is domestic and prices are lower than going abroad. At the same time, you can easily see various options available, allowing you to have the exact type of wedding you are interested in. Florida is great when referring to potential as it is literally impossible not to do exactly what you want to do. You will have no problems with legal matters, accommodations and activities that spouses and guests can enjoy.


Belize may be presented in a negative way in some movies but the truth is there are so many interesting offshore islands (over 100 of them) you can get married on. Then, you get a chance to see many animals, can go snorkeling along a beautiful barrier reef and can explore really old caves. Maya blessing are available for couples looking for something highly spiritual and Cayo is very popular if forests are preferred. Before you apply for the marriage license you have to stay 3 days in the country and a fee will be needed.


A huge advantage of a Hawaii wedding is that you just need to fly 5 hours from Los Angeles in order to get there. There is no need to talk too much about why Hawaii is recommended since there are so many destination weddings that took place there. If you want to see whales when you marry, plan the wedding between December and May. If you want the marriage license to be handed fast, you can go for online requests. Hawaii really makes weddings fast and easy.


The last recommended destination is Bahamas, a world renowned vacation hub but with the presence of Nassau, a great place to get married. Many direct flights are available and big name hotels can be found. The marriage license application can be done one day after entering the Bahamas.

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