Extraterrestrial Contactee Says End of Democracy in Sight

Dr. Joseph Mercola reports on 5 August 2012 that Wired Magazine recently reported that the U.S. government is building a massive spy centre, right in the heart of Mormon country, in Bluffdale, Utah. Dr. Mercola elaborates that this “spy centre” is so massive, that once finished, the facility will be five times larger than the U.S. Capitol.

The conventional wisdom has been that the industrialized West is pursuing the development of such security measures, alongside wars in the Middle East within the context of a broader “War against Terrorism” in order to affirm democracy at home and abroad. But, according to Alex Collier, “in our future there is tyranny” and that executing this tyranny is the alleged purpose of the “War against Terrorism”. Mr. Collier suggests that the purpose of “security measures” and wars are to legitimate the quest for totalitarian social control by a military-industrial complex.

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