Extraterrestrials: Adam and Eve Ruling Hybrid Descendants Orchestrate Global Economic Collapse

Were “Adam” and “Eve” the genetic ruling hybrids that were formed following an Extraterrestrial War against humans? Were Adam and Eve bred as the first elites to rule over humanity? Did Adam and Eve as alien operatives, embark humanity toward courses of on-going mis-direction from our true origins? Were Adam and Eve the beginnings of a New World Order which embarked us, as Earthbound humans, on a course of oppression against each other through human rights abuses, and wars in general which has been historically executed in the name of a “God“ — that really happens to be the pseudonym for their Manipulative Extraterrestrial breeders? Has the worsening Global Economic Collapse been product of this mis-direction toward an alien “New World Order” agenda?

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In an August 17, 2011 exclusive interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Dr. Georgi Stankov states that the current economic crisis has its roots in a scenario planned by a Manipulative Extraterrestrial race that until recently manipulated major controller networks on the Earth.

The Adam and Eve “bloodline” relationships of perpetrators of a Global Economic Collapse has been described by researchers which include Dan Sewell Ward and David Icke.

The Global Economic Collapse is an apparent artificial creation of extra-financial related market manipulations.

Dr. Stankov states, “The financial crisis was part of the scenario for the End Times and was planned eons of time ago by the Annunaki. These have left earth in March this year [2011]. Staring from Adam and Eve, the renegade Annunaki had build the blue bloodline of the 13 ruling families that seek to control the world.

In his interview, Dr. Stankov states, “The single major cause for the financial collapse is the world inflation, which was deliberately instigated by the Annunaki and their minions in the financial sector and in governments, which are manipulated by the financial masterminds. I have discussed the methods of money inflation in my three chapters on the Orion monetary system.”

In his interview, Dr. Stankov states, “The world inflation, the money supply, was 200 times bigger than the actual industrial production as GDP by October 2008 when the crisis began. We are still in the same crisis, which will end with the total destruction of the Old Order this year. As this will happen within the next 90 days, there is no point in giving fixed dates, because it is irrelevant.

Dr. Stankov states, “The world inflation is an inflation created by debt. You have the debt of the banks, with which they intended to control the world economy, as they actually did until 2008. The problem of debt is that you can play the game as long as debt is accepted by the other players. As soon as mistrust and fear grip around, the process is reversed. This happened on many occasions in the past – hence the many crises every 3-5 years.

“The debt inflation was delegated from the banks to the governments in form of fiscal debt and this debt was then burdened onto the tax payers, the citizens, in form of austerity programmes. This is the basic mechanism, with which the renegade Annunaki planned to impoverish the human population and enslave it at the End Times.”

World debt-based economy is an opiate addict

A physician by training, Dr. Stankov uses a drug analogy to describe the financial crisis. He states, “The world economy is like an addict who has lived on higher and higher dosages of opiates because their pharmacological effects diminish as the number of the opioid receptors grows in the body, so that the patient needs higher doses to achieve the same damping result. When there is a drug withdrawal, the patient experiences a withdrawal syndrome and may not survive it as all vital systems are out of control and play crazy. The economy is already in a financial withdrawal syndrome and may anytime soon fall in coma.”

Dr. Stankov states, “The system is broke since 2008, and it is on life-sustaining fraud since then. None of the money in circulation is real money. The equity charts were kept artificially high by fictive transactions. Specialists have found out that since 2008, 90% of all the fictive orders on the New Yorker stock exchange were done by the 10 biggest Wall Street banks. They manipulate the charts by short and long orders, which are computerized as not to crash the market. Everything is manipulated. All private investors have left the equity markets long time ago. There is no free market anymore, and it has never been there in the first place. But since last week they can no longer manipulate the equity markets and they have begun to crash. This is the actual situation and that is why they are so nervous. Watch CNBC or Bloomberg and will notice it immediately.

“The bosses of the responsible banks know that and are like paralyzed rabbits in front of a cobra now. However, the forces of light have chosen the least explosive scenario – to crash the system when the energies on earth are that much augmented that the dark ones in the financial sector can no longer pull the strings behind the scene and control the events. To this, the flooding astral energies of upheaval and revolt worldwide have made their decisive contribution.”

EU and financial collapse

In his interview Dr. Stankov states, “If you follow the political developments in Europe for example, there is currently the so called march of indignation that started in Spain and is now engulfing the whole EU.

“All EU-countries, save Germany, are broke. If the small Greece could derail the Euro currency, how about Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and even France together. All the big banks in these countries are also broke because they are highly leveraged and are full of toxic loans, which they will never get back. This explains the saving package for Greece and the other pigs countries – it is a saving belt for the French and German banks. Only Deutsche Bank has 50 billion toxic Greek loans in its books, which Greece will never pay back. This is twice the basic capital of this bank and higher than its capitalization at the Frankfurter stock exchange. And there are much more toxic loans in Ireland, Spain and Italy.”

He continues, “The crash was exacerbated when it became known that Deutsche Bank sold all its Italian treasure bonds because it assumes that Italy will go bankrupt very soon. The same hold true with the big French banks SocGen and Credit Lyonnais. The Spanish banks are already broke and some of the big Italian banks as Unicredit also (since 2008). It always takes 3-5 years before a real bankruptcy of a large company is officially declared/defaulted.

“The situation is even worse in Great Britain, which is also highly indebted – similar to that of Greece in terms of the GDP, but ten times bigger. Even Germany, which stays strong among all Western countries, has a state debt of 80% of GDP, since the unification of Eastern Germany.”

Dr. Stankov concludes, “Now Europe, EU, and Great Britain are even in a better financial and economic shape than the USA, only one talks much more about them to divert the attention of the masses from the disastrous situation in the USA, as even Claude Trichet, the chairman of the CEB (central European bank) admitted last Friday. They have already begun to throw stones at each other.”

True debt of the USA is $200 trillion

In his interview Dr. Stankov states, “The overall debt of the USA is not the $14.5 trillion fiscal debt, which draws the attention because of the fiscal debt ceiling fiasco [of Aug. 2, 2011], but actually $200 trillions, and thus 13 times the GDP of the USA. This is generally acknowledged by the experts, even when they prefer to be silent on this issue.

“All the federal states and local municipalities in the USA are broke and the actual unemployment is 20% and higher – similar to that of Spain, which is the worst in Europe.”

Humanity can liberate itself from apparent Manipualtive Extraterrestrial control toward a planned “End of Times” scenario.  Humanity can become liberated by seeking to develop an alternative to the capitalism toward an economic system which affiirms our human rights, environmental protections and social justice.

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