Fukushima Linked to Manipulative Extraterrestrials

Why do our efforts as humans beings to affirm our quality-of-life seem to have been frustrated? If you asked yourself, your friends, neighbours, family members and others, you might find out some basic generalities. As humans, we prefer peace to war. We prefer to have our rights protected, rather than subverted. We tend to prefer to have our environment protected rather than destroyed. We tend to also prefer a caring society rather than to have a “survival of the fittest society” in which people who are not financially successful, are basically left to rot.

As humans, we tend to embrace concern for the welfare of others and other species, from our pets, to wildlife. We also value “material comforts” but not to the point that it sacrifices our fundamental concerns for our quality-of-survival. Yet, as human beings, we seem to be also “governed” by values which our alien to our sensibilities.

Our environment is being destroyed. The latest assault on our planet Earth is Japan‘s nuclear disaster that was technologically orchestrated according to Dr. Leuren Moret. War rages despite our desires for peace; and people are being left to rot in our communities, and globally. In Canada, for example, virtually 100% of Canadians polled wanted aboriginal treaty rights settled. Yet, in a supposedly developed democracy as Canada, there seems to be no hope for such a settlement. Why?

Dr. Michael Salla and his colleagues suggest that the apparent alien values which seem to be controlling humanity’s governance are literally ‘alien’. According to Dr. Salla, Earth’s problems can be tracked to an “unacknowledged extraterrestrial presence”, and that reality forms a major challenge in the public grasping political challenges for the affirmation of human quality-of-living on Earth.

Dr. Salla writes in Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence: “The military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex (MIEC) of interests currently controls most information concerning the extraterrestrial presence; and [also] dominates government institutions around the planet; financial interests; the mass media, and is responsible for systemic global problems.” LINK

In this report, Dr. Salla describes “the main extraterrestrial races most commonly referred to in the literature, [and] who appear to have most strategic significance for the evolution and sovereignty of humanity, and [for] their impact on a range of systemic global problems.” Dr. Salla cites problems from environmental problems to war to the drug trade aimed at destabilizing communities, through mass-intoxications and an ensuing culture of violence.

Michael Salla “distinguishes between these extraterrestrial races on the basis of their belonging to one of either two distinct categories. The first category contains extraterrestrial races which with Earthbound operatives form “MIEC”. Dr. Salla claims an “extensive set of interlocking agreements between these races and operatives suggests, the existence of a military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex of interests.” LINK

Dr. Salla elaborates that: “The systemic global problems caused by the MIEC are an increasing burden and immediate threat to human freedom and sovereignty.” Dr. Salla includes shape-shifting aliens as the “humanized face of aliens” in his research. Dr. Salla suggests that “the alternative is [for human beings to find strategies] to work with those extraterrestrials outside the MIEC, that have emancipatory and ethical rather than a manipulative and control agenda.

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