Is E.T. Going For an Olympic Gold?

Recent news footage shot at the opening night of the London Olympic Games captured some assorted unidentified flying objects.  I have seen several of the many videos up online and was unsure what to make of them.

The first one I saw showed a domed saucer shaped object passing across the night sky behind the amazing firework display which dominated the London sky that night .

It was the reported opinion of many people that the sighting is was merely be a “Blimp” but others argued that there was no sign of any standard navigation lights in the video footage.

The second  video showed the same thing but also on the far right a bright blue light that appeared to spin could also clearly be seen.

Whether these UFO’s were the real deal or not, they were certainly interesting in view of recent public speculation on the possibility that the Olympic Games might receive a visit from an Alien Craft.

Just what the purpose of the visit might be was not made clear, but here’s hoping that all visitors to the Games Alien or not will be friendly and everyone there has a wonderful time.

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