Responsible Sentient Humans Practice Mutuality and Empathy

It is important for us to remember that although we each are individuals (who are going about our lives), there is a consciousness that links us together, as humans. Furthermore, we would be foolish to try and understand ourselves, while we at the same time overlook the union with our natural environment in which our existence has been placed. Indeed, it would not be a “stretch” for us to at the same time, see ourselves and our consciousness as also being linked to the cosmos. That is why responsible humans are mindful of the larger stage on which consequences arise, from the choices to which we commit.

There is a built-in sentience which is at the base of our human existence; and whether we make ourselves conscious of it or not, this built in sentience plays the role of being a compass and route-pointer as we pursue our respective paths of existence. It is our sentience compass that is at work, when we find ourselves motivated to practice behaviours that are rooted in a sense of empathy, and also in the spirit of mutuality.

In the process of being guided by that sentience compass, we thereby reveal the essence of our humanness. One can therefore say that our sentience-linked compass (and direction pointer), requires us to behave in ways which originate in the spirit of empathy, and that also show our commitment to the principles of mutuality (to each other and also to the remainder of our natural environment).

However, normal humans are operating on the principles of free-will on which our lives pivot. Therefore, we each also have the freedom to choose to not operate as responsible sentience-guided humans. But in those instances, we will also need to bear in mind that the choice of opting out of the sentience guidance route, is not without its non-positive consequences, on the type of existence that we secure and that we will inherit.

Each of us, therefore, needs to understand the options for living that are available to us. For example, those of us who plan to go about our lives responsibly, are also required to be mindful of the larger context in which we go about our existence. We therefore will need to behave in ways which affirm our willingness to act supportively to the remainder of the components in the comprehensive bio-electric union, (in which our sentient existence arises).

Accordingly, if we choose to co-operate with or to engage in, operations that aim to achieve competitive dominance over other humans as well as over the remainder of our natural environment, we will not be operating consistently with our mutuality-centred existential mandate. Each one of us is therefore required to show that, attitudes which are founded in empathy, guide the choices of time and effort commitments into which we enter.

The result is that, when we see members of the society that indulge in behaviours which are more consistent with, selfishness, calculated indifference, exploitation and cruelty; (so that the overall principles of mutuality and empathy are lacking), we can conclude that it is not normal, responsible humans, which we are seeing.

Rather, the research by John Lamb Lash (2006): Not in His Image: Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology, And The Future of Belief; (White River Junction, Vermont; Chelsea Green Publishing) helps to clarify what we are seeing in such circumstances. Lash tells us that the ancient pagan Gnostic Scholars, had warned humans that what we will be observing in such instances, are invading alien entities (which they labelled as being archons, or artificial men), that are operating in human masquerade.

The Ancient Gnostic Scholars emphasized that these invading masqueraders, are cola and cruel and completely hostile to human sentient survival. Furthermore, unlike normal humans, these invading human masqueraders, are not individuals, but are instead, operating on a type of hive mind. Additionally, these human-appearing entities are likely to be direct shape-shifting agents of an invading alien intelligence from a lower dimension of existence, that is seeking to execute our existential destruction, as humans.

If we are to recover from the attack on us by this alien intelligence, we also need to understand that its (shape shifting) and its other agents that are operating in human masquerades, have essentially implanted and lodged themselves into the principal management institutions of our human society, and elsewhere also. For example, they are lodged in the management ranks of organized religions, formal and informal education and communications, governments, the military industrial complex, the banking system, and into other parts of our human societies as well.

Additionally, when we see entities (in human appearance), that do not practice empathy and mutuality; our observations may also be revealing material humans that are possessed by these invaders. For example, (together with the shape-shifting agents), these possessed individuals may be engaged in limiting how we understand ourselves and how we accommodate to our natural environment. Alternatively, they may be executing management operations on us and on our environment, which are contrary to our interests in our sustained survival. There are therefore humans who operate outside of the empathy and mutuality context, because they have been made into agents of the invading alien intelligence.

Bribery, and also social conditioning through mass communications, education, and organized religions, so that many humans now act contrary to what is needed for our own material and existential survival, are recruiting techniques which are being used. As a result, widespread instances of environmental pollution and of other predation in the name of wealth generation, are cases in point that such humans have executed with indifference.

These human recruits that have been captured by the agents of the invading intelligence, are being used to operate in our society as destruction-promoting instruments, in behalf of the calculated predatory targets on humans, which these aliens have. These recruited humans, may therefore be also operating in behalf of promoting the generation of the negative energies (from wars, pollution, social domination, and from internal and fraternal conflict), that the alien intelligence and its agents require, and use as sustenance.

The capture routines, to which we are being subjected, are sustained by means of the entrenched positions which these alien agents have in our respective social management organizations. For example, by means of the control that they have over the structure and curricula of formal and informal programs of education, mass communications, and overall socialization, the predatory invading alien has us boxed in. It is able to exert control over how we see ourselves, how we understand our environment, and how we decide what is appropriate for us to further explore.

Members of the human family have therefore been effectively and successfully conditioned by these agents of the alien intelligence, to ignore their sentience roots. As a result, we have been led to overlook our empathy and our mutuality obligations, in favour of ranking expected outcomes in our lives, in terms of forthcoming net financial gain.

However, once humans have been led to use expected forthcoming net financial capabilities and holdings, to measure or to gauge their success (at managing their time and effort commitments), they effectively become manageable and deployable “slaves” of the invading alien intelligence. This invading intelligence can then use, (as it is currently doing), manipulation of the banking system in our prevailing “global financial village”, to herd and to control, in mass, the activities and responses of the humans on planet earth.

However, responsible humans will be able to free themselves from this calculated enslavement tactic on us, by the invading alien intelligence, only if we bear in mind our sentience roots and the empathy and mutuality behaviours which these roots require of us. For example, we will need to resist relying on the use of financial measurements, to indicate how successful our effort and time commitments have been.

We will particularly need to recognize that notwithstanding the convenience which money provides (when we want to make trades), we remain sentient beings. Therefore, it is effectively targets in sentient survival, rather than targets in financial accumulation, which (as responsible humans) we are pursuing.

Our sentience prompts us, to aim to secure enhancement in the depth of the knowledge-guided bonding to each other and also to our natural environment, which we can secure over the path of our survival. Therefore, we need to bear in mind that the effectiveness of how we have committed our time and efforts, is revealed in the quality-mix of the results that accompany our efforts to secure and to reinforce our sentient human survival.

This time-use context for ranking our choices of effort commitments, was addresses by Horace Carby-Samuels (2006); Quality-of-Living and Human Development as the Outcome from Economic Progress; (Ottawa, Canada, Agora Cosmopolitan Publishing; ISBN 1-897036-35-3)

It is only the invading alien intelligence (and the corporate and banking institutions, that it has used its influence to create on our planet), and also its human bribe-taking instruments, that are restricted to relying on net change in financial value, to show success. Humans have indicators which are more existentially pertinent, that we call on to show how successful our effort and time commitments have been. That is because notwithstanding the widespread presence of markets (for almost anything), responsible humans operate on a cosmic and time-linked existential plane. As a result, it is enhancement in the quality of the time-use patterns that we secure as we go about our survival, which show our achievement. It is the extent to which we have been able to enhance our level of bonding with each other and with our natural environment, which shows how successful our effort and time management activities have been.

Without question, when, we set out to acquire patterns of informed understanding, we will be better able to use and to manage our time for living. Indeed, we may even find ways which will enable us to arrive at a more effective and profound bonding with each other, as well as with our natural environment. Furthermore, the promise of securing that bonding achievement, happens to be the Human Evolution target that sentient living promises to make accessible to us.

Therefore, when (in our respective human communities) we decide to aim our efforts at achieving those bonding targets (with each other and with our natural environment), we will also need to require that our governments must make policies that promote these living-centred achievements.

One result will be that, when achieving these bonding targets become our objective, money will become dethroned from its present status (as the indicator of how successful our efforts have been). Instead, it will become useful, primarily as an instrument in trade; (inter temporal and inter spatial). Money will therefore become removed from the pedestal (as the indicator of our success in managing our activities in living, and in being alive) into which the invading predatory alien intelligence has sought to condition us.

Another result will be that the effective “economic” output will not be computed as the financial volume of commercial trade. Instead, the extent of destructiveness reduction, as well as of enhancement in bonding relationships with each other and with our natural environment out of which Human Evolution arises, will form the indicator.

When we acknowledge that our economic success is revealed by the changes in the quality of our accessible time-usage opportunities, the commercial banks will no longer be able to use their activities in lending and in “creating”, to enable them to occupy the role of being economic “back seat drivers” in the society. The archons that are “holed up” in those banking organizations, will therefore no longer be able to promote their own priorities in securing and in emphasizing private net financial gain, as the driving force, to which the “economic” development programs of governments must conform,

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